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"Surveys by Royal LePage, NAGAB, Pilkington and others show that the majority of clients ask for sustainable housing features (results range from 62% to 88%)"
Sustainable housing is a demand now and EffProp is your gateway to this major market. If you are selling or looking to buy, we are set up to promote special features and/or to find them for you.
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effprop Search is the base for letting EffProp do the legwork for you. Sellers add attributes they want to promote, including sustainable housing attributes. Sellers set up one or more effprop Search profiles that include, besides the basics, all attributes of their ideal home. Including Sustainable housing features. Save it and that is it. EffProp automatically searches 24/7 for you and will notify buyers immediately per email notifications.
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The core idea behind Effprop is to help reduce Greenhouse gas emissions (GHGE) in Canada by making the fast growing sustainable housing market more accessible to buyers and sellers.
33% to 40% of GHGE in North America come from housing (commercial and private). Time to reduce that by simply living in healthier homes that also reduce your monthly bills.
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